Time Program Detailed program
12:30~13:00 Registration
13:00~13:30 Opening Opening Speech Soonja Choe (Chair, IGCForum/ President, Inha University)

Welcoming Speech Jeong-Bok Yoo (Mayor, Incheon City)

Congratulatory Remarks Il-pyo Hong (Representative of Climate Change Forum of National Assembly)
Jegar Won-yeong (Chairman, Incheon Metropolitan Council)

13:30~14:40 Keynote Javier Manzanares (Executive Director a.i., GCF)
Kanji Tanimoto (Waseda University)
Lasse Ringius (Head of Green Investment Services, GGGI)

14:40~15:00 Coffee break
15:00~16:30 Session 1: COP22 and Climate Change Policy [Chair: Byun Byung Seol (Inha University)]
- Suh-Yong Chung (Korea University)
  Prospects for the Implementation of Paris Agreement
- Beom Sik Yoo (Ministry of Environment)
  COP22 Discussion Results and Implications for Korean Government and Industries Economic and Industrial Policy in the era of
  Climate Change(Dept. of Strategy and Finance)
- Panelists:WonHee Lee (Hoseo University)

16:30~18:00 Session 2: Project Development Using Climate Funds [ Chair: An Yoon Ki (POSRI)]
- Climate Finance and Private Sector Facility | Hyoung Kun Park (Financial Institutions Specialist, GCF)
- Working with Accredited Entities in Developing Projects | Anand Batsukh (Senior Project Development Officer, XacBank)
- How to develop mitigation and adaptation projects through climate funds – strategies and cases | Narayanan Sreenivas
 (Chair, ASSIST)

18:00~19:30 Banquet Invited Guests
Time Program Detailed program
09:00~09:30 Registration
09:30~10:00 Keynote Speech
10:00~12:00 Session 3: Mitigation Strategy through International Market Mechanism
[ Il Chung Kim (Co-Chair of Climate Change Forum of National Assembly) ]

- Developments of International Market Mechanism after Paris Agreement | Soon Cheol Park, KITECK
- Strategic Use of Carbon Markets for Mitigation | Jung In Kim, Choong Ang University
- Panelists: Jun Kwan Ahn(Eco Network)
Ji One Jung(KIEP)
Hyo Sun Kim(KCFA)
12:00~13:00 Lunch Participants
13:00~15:00 Session 4: Cases of Project Development using Climate Funds
[Jong Dae Kim (Inha University)]

- Development and investment of biomass power project|Dae-Woong Lim (Principal Partner, Eco&Partners)
- Green bond markets|Hu Kyoung Kim (Manager, KPMG)
- Engaging Readiness Program|Jae-Heum Park (PWC Korea)
- The Role of Demand Response; The Electric Power Industry and Climate Change| Park, SeoYoung
  (Senior Market Development Manager)
- Securitizing Green|Chang Ki Kim (Korea University)

15:00~15:30 Coffee Break
15:30~17:30 Session 5: Utilization of Climate Financing Instruments
[Chair: Yongkun Kim ] (President, Greenhouse Inventory and Research Center)

- Linking an emissions trading scheme with a renewable credits market in Korea | Yoo Jungmin (Hong Ik University)
- The current state of emission trading scheme in Korea and its future | Hyo Sun Kim (Korea Polar Research Institute, KOPRI)
- Utilization of carbon finance and implications for the countries of the Arctic Circle
- Panelists: JinHyo Kim (team leader, the ITC)
  Jiwoong Lee (Research Fellow, Korea Energy Economics Institute)


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