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Incheon Green Climate Forum (IGCForum)

The Corporation IGCForum was established to perform as a think-tank with a purpose of providing policies for responding climate change, promoting green industry and strategic collaboration with Green Climate Fund (GCF).


Policy development as to mitigation and adaptation, cooperation with GCF, and promotion of low-carbon, climate resilience city
Networking with academia, industry, civil society, and other associations to discuss climate change financing and strategies of industry


August 2013 :

GCF Ten people from academia, government, research institute and civil society agreed on the necessity of forum

March 2014 :

A preparatory committee meeting held with participants from academia, government, research institute, civil society and industry

April, 2014 :

The first expert seminar (21 participants from the same constituencies) discussing mission and role of the forum, and international conference

June 2014 :

The second expert seminar (35 participants from the same constituencies plus international organization) discussing the 7th GCF board meeting results and operational plan of the forum

November 2014 :

Launching of the IGCForum and International Conference with a them of “Collaboration between GCF and Private Sector for Sustainable Future”

August 2015 :

A Corporation 「Incheon Green Climate Forum」 established