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Incheon City in 2012 is a green climate forum (igcforum), Incheon, Korea's bid for the Office of gcf greenhouse gas emissions and climate change with the agility and cooperation with the gcf. To advance think tank, Ltd.
In 2015, this forum was created as a sadan is Min, as local academia, industry and relevant agencies involved, such as governance, Incheon, Korea specialists exhaustive-food manufacturing workers, businesses, kites and bought tube.Constructed. Commemoration of the founding of 2014 to hold an international conference on climate finance and industry year's New international climate conference held the Finance and Industry.
East Conference is domestic and overseas trends and policy implications associated with climate issues, gcf and climate finance, using gcf composed of various topics such as participation in the project. Many people in this Conference and giving them, join the debate announcement with your presence. This allows the green through the financial climate, and I want you to adaptation and cuts that can achieve.I hope can contribute to seek. Chair of IGCForum, Soonja Choe


2016. 11. 28(Tue) ~ 29(Wed)


Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea


Post-Paris Agreement Developments and the Role of Climate Financing


City of Incheon , Incheon Green Climate Forum (IGCForum), Green Climate Fund (GCF)


Sustainability Management Research Institute(SMRI)


Time Program Detailed program
12:30~13:30 Registration
13:30~14:00(‘30) Opening Ceremony Opening Speech - Soonja Choe
(Chair of IGCForum, President of Inha University)

Welcoming Speech Jeong-bok Yoo (Mayor of Incheon City)
Representative of Secretariat, GCF

Congratulatory Speech - Jae-do Moon (Vice Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy)
- Kyung-soo No (Chair of the Incheon Metropolitan Council)
- Joyce Msuya (Special Representative, World Bank Group Korea Office)

14:00~15:00(‘60) Keynote Speech - Global, national and project level solutions to address the climate finance challenge (Yvo de Boer, Director General, GGGI)
-Energy Sector Cooperation Models Under the New Climate Regime (Tae-young KIM, Vice President, Korea Energy Agency)
- Chinese Governments Policy towards Global Challenges of Climate Change(Niu Wen Yuan, Chairman & Chief Scientist, Sustainable Development Program, Chinese Academy of Science)

15:00~15:30 Coffee Break
15:30~17:30(‘120) Session 1: Topic
Climate Financing for GCF Projects & Multi-stakeholder Participation
[Chair : Tae-Yong Jung, IGS, Yonsei Univ.]

- Accreditation and Proposal Approval from GCF(Rajeev Mahajan, Project Finance Specialist, GCF)
- A broadening Perspective on the Private Sector Participation in GCF (Dohan Song, Finance Research Center, NH Financial Group)
- Engaging with GCF – View point of Private Sector Project Developers “ Green Business Model Using Climate Financing
(Kang Ho-Jeung, Dowha Engineering)
- Role of NDAs in Project Approval (Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, Deputy Director General, Climate Finance Task Force, Vietnam)

[Panelist] - So-young Lim (Head of Team, Industrial Cooperation and Globalization Division, KIET)
- Jong Bae Yang (Director MDB Co-financing Team, KEXIM)
- Sung-Woo Kim (Regional Head of Climate Change & Sustainability, KPMG)
- Woong-Ki Sohn (Director of the Green Climate Policy Division, MOSF)

17:30~19:30 Banquet Sponsored by KEPCO
Time Program Detailed program
09:00~09:30 Registration
09:30~10:00 Keynote Speech Implementing Sustainable Communities Strategy in Southern California:Regional Approach (Mr. Larry McCallon, SCAG, USA)
10:00~10:40(‘40) Session 2-1: Topic
Climate Change and Future City
[Chair: Prof. E.C.Shin, Co-chair: Prof. R. Mangushev]

- Environmental Green and Climate Conservation (Prof. Askar Zhussupbekov, L.N. Gumilyov ENU, Kazakhstan)
- Changing Demographics, Suburban Growth, and the Sustainable Communities Strategy in Southern California (Dr. Simon Choi, SCAG, USA)

10:40~11:00 Coffee Break
11:00~12:00(‘60) Session 2-2: Topic
Climate Change and Future City
[Chair: Prof. E.C.Shin, Co-chair: Prof. R. Mangushev]

- Environmental Assessment and Its Forcing on Climate Change in the High Altitude Region, Nepal(Dr. Rajib Pokhrel, A․NERGY)
-Foundations of Historical Buildings in St. Petersburg and Some Example of their Reinforcement (Prof. Rashid Mangushev, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia)
- Environmental Friendly Slope Stabilization using Waste Coffee (Prof. E. C. Shin, Dr. S. Y. Seong, INU)

12:00~13:20 Lunch Sponsored by NH Bank
13:20~15:00(‘100) Session 3: Topic
Korea-China Int’l Conference on Climate Change & Sustainable Development
[Chair: Jong Dae Kim, SMRI Inha University]

- Climate Adaptation Project of Korea : Case study of meteorological industry (Si Eun Yang, Team Manager, International Cooperation Department, Korea Meteorological Industry Promotion Agency)
- Future Floods and Droughts under Climate Change(Hyung Soo Kim, Professor Department of Civil Engineering Inha University)
- Sustainable Development of China (Niu Wen Yuan, Chairman & Chief Scientist, Sustainable Development Program, Chinese Academy of Science)
- World’s challenges of Post-development agenda (Yijun Liu, Associate Professor, Institute of Policy and Management, CAS)
- Analysis on Industrial Ecological Symbiosis Pattern of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region on the Perspective of Sustainable Development (Baojuan Shi, Vice Dean, North China Univ. of Science and Technology / Zuting Zheng, Associate Professor, North China Univ. of Science and Technology)
- China’s urban air quality research in the process of industrialization: Urban agglomeration, Hebei province as an example (Xiaoguang Xue, Tangshan Academy of Sustainable Development of CAS)

[Panelist] Yun Gih Ahn (Director of Management Research Center, POSRI)

15:00~15:30 Coffee Break
15:30~17:10(‘100) Session 4: Topic
ICT Business Opportunities to Reduce Climate Change Risk
[Chair: James Larson, Vice President, SUNY]

- Climate Change Risk Management (Gerry Stokes, President, New York Energy Policy Institute)
- Can the Information Standard Guide Successful Climate Change Financing? (Anthony Pennings, Professor, Linton Global School of Business, Hannam University)
- Climate and Disaster Risks: Erosion of profits (Snajaya Bhatia, Head, UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction)
- Microgrid as a New Solution for Climate Change and Energy Security (Dong Joo Kang, Senior Researcher, Korea Electro-technology Research Institute)

[Panelist] - Hyun Woo Lee (Professor, Mobile Systems Engineering, Dankook University)
17:10~17:30 Closing Chair of IGCForum
Time Program Detailed program
09:30~ Tour Site Tour


IGCForum Secretariat SMRI
Dr. Seong-Mi Bae Researcher Seoung-wook Lee
Office: +82-32-860-7757 Office: +82-32-860-8409

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